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It's important to us that a TELUS customer’s journey is protected so that we can further build on our brand's trust and reliability. We are committed to respecting our customers’ privacy and safeguarding their information. In a time where the threat to our industry continues to increase in various forms of fraudulent behaviour and cybercrime, the emphasis on a customer's privacy and security also increases.


TELUS Security Standards are intended to serve as guidelines to which we should adhere during the project development lifecycle. The goal is to mitigate business risks and provide customer solutions that take every opportunity to protect:

  • Customer information that is entrusted to us
  • The TELUS brand and customer trust


TELUS Security Standards

Owners or stakeholders of TELUS projects should use the TELUS Security Standards as follows:

  • review at project inception
  • use as reference or checklist during system/software development life cycle
  • adhere to throughout the system/software development life cycle
  • ensure the standards are met prior to launch
  • if any deviations of the standards are required contact digital security team for consultation: