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Using the Devicefarm


Because we want to start using this badboy!


A onboarding guide for teams to start running their e2e tests


Devicefarm has been integrated in the TELUS Digital starter-kit for running Nightwatch tests.

The Nightwatch config can be viewed here, with information on the Selenium server url and port.

Custom npm scripts

You can write your own npm scripts to run tests in the Devicefarm.

It requires certain capabilities for the Selenium grid capability matcher to find matching Appium node (which powers its corresponding physical device), these capabilities are:

name description example optional
platformName Name of the operating system ios, android n
platformVersion Version of the operating system 7.0 (android), 10.1.1(ios) y
browserName Name of the browser to be tested with safari, chrome n
deviceName Name of the device tag See the keys in devicelist y

So say you want to run your test on the Google Pixel in the Devicefarm, the script would look like:

"scripts": {
    "pixel":"browserName=chrome platformName=android deviceName=Pixel nightwatch"

And you can run the command:

npm run pixel

to kick off the test

Or, say you want to run test on iOS 10.1.1, doesn't matter which device it is, the script would look like

"scripts": {
    "ios10":"browserName=safari platformName=ios platformVersion=10.1.1 nightwatch"

And you can run the command:

npm run ios10

to kick off the test


We also have implemented an shell script in the starter-kit/e2e section

The purpose of the script is:

  • To provide an easy and out-of-the-box integration for teams to test in the Devicefarm
  • To consolidate and centralize the list of devices available in the devicefarm for maintainence purposes (e.g: when new devices are added or old devices removed, there won't be a need to do manual updates on your end!)

To use the script, run:

<path-to-e2e-dir>/ -d <device>


./ iphone7

The script will prompt you if an invalid device is passed as the target, and provide an up-to -date list of avaiable devices to use, e.g:

This information can also be found in the devicelist, where device is the key of each entry.

You can also specify tag or env as part of the Nightwatch command line options by running:

<path-to-e2e-dir>/ -d <device> -t <tag> -e <env>


./ -d pixelxl -t ci -e prod


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