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  • In some customer experiences, My TELUS is sending some emails to the customers for some interaction, e.g. 2-factor authentication in the registration process or email address validation.
  • In order to complete a full E2E automation test, we need a solution to let our script getting access easily to the inbox, grab the content of the email’s body, fetch it to retrieve the dynamic value (it could be a passcode or a URL) and then complete the flow as a customer would do.
  • Using a cloud service instead of an in-house solution to be more cost-effective from a maintenance and scalability point of view


Mailinator is a disposable email service that lets you use any email address you can think of under the domain, and then pick up the mail at the Mailinator site.


Mailinator is offering a clear documentation.

Get the token from Vault with Shippy:

shippy get secret mailinator --common

Example of hostname that can be used: Mailinator allows alternate domain and explains why in their FAQ.


@amel @qa Slack: #g-automation


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