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  • Ensure good test coverage with multiple browser/platform combinations
  • Using a cloud service instead of in-house dev to be more cost-effective from a maintainence and scalability point of view


Saucelabs is a cloud-based PaaS vendor that provides us testing environments


We have a contract of 10 parallel VMs to run our automated E2E tests, as well as performing manual test sessions if needed.

For manual sessions, put down your information on this doc and request an account via #g-testing on slack.

For automation purposes, either use your personal API key after requesting an account via the manual section above. Or ask in #g-automation as to how to get started (we have a corporate API key to use, note: this is not the most appropriate way to do things though, and secrets are shared on git repo so it will eventually change)


@Nintendot @qa Slack: #g-automation