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As we move to the world of reference architecture, many questions arise in the realm of testing:

  • What is testing in an RA world?
  • How does that reflect my squad?

or more specifically:

  • What needs to be tested?
  • Why do I need to test {insert type of test}?
  • Who needs to test {insert type of test}?
  • When do I need to write/run {insert type of test}?

If you have, then here's the place to find your answers!

Our philosophy on testing

  • We care about the quality of our products, hence we care about testing
  • Testing is a shared responsibility, not just the testers' or the developers'
  • Testing is not just running the happy path, it's both checking the product's functionality, and exploring the product's potential vulnerabilities

Testing practices

Here we lay out all the testing practices teams should be following in the RA world, whether they are automated, manually performed, functional or non-functional

Automated functional tests

These are tests that directly validates the functionality of your software / application.

Automated non-functional tests

These are tests that does not directly validate the functionality of your application.

However, you should invest in these tests, because users’ affection and trust of a software or system is swayed and affected by these non-functional qualities. (Just imagine if Google takes 10 seconds to load your search results, or your Gmail password gets hacked every so often, would you trust their service still?)

Non automated tests

  • Exploratory testing (WIP)
  • Usability testing (WIP)

Standards, processes and culture

Tools and platforms

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