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What is V3?

TDS V3 implements styled-components in all core components, replacing the previous CSS Modules solution. Beyond that, there are no breaking API changes in our React core components. The packages @tds/core-css-reset and @tds/core-colours no longer provide Sass mixins and variables. V3 is mainly a breaking change due to the peer dependency of styled-components@^4.1.3 and react@16.8.2 being added to each core component.

How long will old TDS versions be supported?

TDS V1 and V2 are still supported with bug fixes. V1 will be supported until September 1st, 2019, and V2 will be supported until February 1st, 2020. Past these dates, V3 will be the only TDS version that receives official updates and support.

Are any features removed/deprecated?

For almost all components, the API remains the same. Props that were deprecated in previous updates before the styled-components upgrade have not yet been removed. This was to facilitate an easier transfer over to the newest version of TDS.

Two exceptions are the @tds/core-css-reset and @tds/core-colours packages as they no longer use SCSS. @tds/core-css-reset is now a component that is placed at the root of your application. Please see the css-reset documentation for more details.

How do I upgrade?

We have created a migration guide on our website to help with the changeover to V3. No code changes are required at a component level, but there may be some configuration that will need to be done if styled-components was not already being used in your project.