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  • You already got the source from GIT repository because you are reading this file

  • Directory hierarchy: root/ docker-compose.yml alfresco/ Alfresco Docker container folder Docker entry point for Alfresco container Configration parameters for Alfresco installation Dockerfile Dockerfile to build Alfresco container alfresco/ Shared volume for Alfresco db_store/ PostgreSQL Docker container folder data/ Shared volume for PostgreSQL database storage

  • On host file: Create group "alfresco" (GID: 888) and user "alfresco" (UID: 888), home directory /opt/alfresco

  • Login with user "alfresco"

  • Move the above hierarchy to the file /opt/alfresco (or donwload it from GIT)

  • Build the Alfresco container:

$ docker-compose build alfresco

  • If SELinux is enabled, run the following command on all shared volumes (Needed to run that on CentOS 7.2, docker 1.9.1):

$ chcon --recursive --type=svirt_sandbox_file_t --range=s0 /path/to/volume

  • Copy Alfresco installation file "alfresco-community-installer-201605-linux-x64.bin" to alfresco shared volume:

  • Copy the file to alfresco shared volume and change:

    • HOSTNAME To match hostname of the Docker host
  • Change hostname as well in docker-compose.yml filei (alfresco service): hostname:

  • Bring the environment up without -d parameter time to make sure it installs everything OK:

$ docker-compose up

  • After finishing and accessing Alfresco on port 8080, press Ctrl-C
  • Start the environment in daemon mode:

$ docker-compose up -d


  • The data directory: alfresco/alfresco must be chown 888.888 before running docker compose from from host server
  • Post installation actions:
  • Open the file alfresco/libreoffice/scripts/ and change the line:

SOFFICE="$SOFFICEWRAPPER --nofirststartwizard --nologo --headless --accept=socket,host=localhost,port=$SOFFICE_PORT;urp;StarOffice.ServiceManager"

To read:

SOFFICE="$SOFFICEWRAPPER --nofirststartwizard --nologo --headless --accept=socket,host=localhost,port=$SOFFICE_PORT;urp;StarOffice.ServiceManager"

Note: removed the backslaches around ;urp;

  • Add the following to the file tomcat/shared/classes/

cifs.enabled=false ftp.enabled=false nfs.enabled=false content.transformer.OpenOffice.extensions.xls.pdf.maxSourceSizeKBytes=10240 content.transformer.OpenOffice.extensions.docx.pdf.maxSourceSizeKBytes=10240 content.transformer.OpenOffice.extensions.xlsx.pdf.maxSourceSizeKBytes=10240 content.transformer.OpenOffice.extensions.pptx.pdf.maxSourceSizeKBytes=10240 content.transformer.OpenOffice.extensions.ppt.pdf.maxSourceSizeKBytes=10240 content.transformer.OpenOffice.extensions.txt.pdf.maxSourceSizeKBytes=5120 content.transformer.OpenOffice.extensions.doc.pdf.maxSourceSizeKBytes=10240


  • Stop file server: smb, ftp - OK
  • Fix libreoffice_ctl libz warning

alfresco_1 | --> Starting LibreOffice Server alfresco_1 | ps: /opt/alfresco/common/lib/ no version information available (required by /lib64/ alfresco_1 | ps: /opt/alfresco/common/lib/ no version information available (required by /lib64/ alfresco_1 | /opt/alfresco/libreoffice/scripts/ : libreoffice started at port 8100

  • Stop the postgres server gracefully - OK

Now postgres is a separate container

  • Move hostname file to variable in file instead and add installation file name instead - OK


AD authentication

  • Add the following to tomcat/shared/classes/



ldap.authentication.allowGuestLogin=false ldap.authentication.defaultAdministratorUserNames=Administrator,alfresco ldap.synchronization.groupSearchBase=ou=Security Groups,ou=Alfresco,dc=domain,dc=com

ldap.synchronization.userSearchBase=ou=User Accounts,ou=Alfresco,dc=domain,dc=com