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bashrc: git diff --color-words

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1 parent b060cfa commit 05e74646b2bd6bd1a2e7e6ff446e0e673f215727 @temoto committed Feb 10, 2012
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@@ -155,8 +155,8 @@ alias '[co'='git checkout'
alias '[com'='git checkout master'
alias '[ci'='git commit'
alias '[ca'='git commit -a'
-alias '[d'='git diff --find-copies-harder -B -C'
-alias '[dc'='git diff --find-copies-harder -B -C --cached'
+alias '[d'='git diff --find-copies-harder -B -C --color-words'
+alias '[dc'='git diff --find-copies-harder -B -C --color-words --cached'
alias '[dms'='git daemon --detach --base-path=/home/temoto/project --export-all'
alias '[l'='git log --stat'
alias '[st'='git status'

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