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Name: herdis
Version: 0.0.1
License: MIT
License-File: LICENSE
Author: Sergey Shepelev <>
Maintainer: Sergey Shepelev <>
Synopsis: Toy clone of Redis database in Haskell.
Description: TODO
Category: Database
Build-Type: Simple
Cabal-Version: >= 1.2
Extra-Source-Files: README
Exposed-Modules: Database.HerdisServer.Server
Build-Depends: attoparsec, base, bytestring, containers, mtl >= 1.0, network, parallel, parsec, QuickCheck, stm, utf8-string
Executable herdis-server
Main-is: Database/HerdisServer/Main.hs
GHC-Options: -O2 -auto-all -prof
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