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Each test consists of several build configurations.
Each configuration was run 3 times and you see average time in seconds. Deviations were around 0.1-0.3 sec.
My machine: Intel Core2 Duo T8100, DDR2 RAM 667MHz, Linux 2.6.32-11 SMP x86_64
Test2: single connect, 100K GET unknown-key
threaded: 15.7
threaded, -O2: 15.6
no flags: 10.0
-O2: 9.8
par: 18.0
par, -O2: 18.1
par, -O2, -fvia-C: 17.9
par results obviously include -threaded.
Test3: 10 simult. connects, 10K GET unknown-key
par, -O2, -fvia-C: 13.5
-O2: 9.0
threaded, -O2: 13.0
Test4: 200 simult. connects, 500 GET unknown-key
threaded, -O2: 13.7
par, -O2: 13.8
Test set nil 2: single connect, 100K SET foo nil
par, -O2: 19.1