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About OpenLingua

If you need to localize your application made with Real Studio, you can read all about it here: http://www.tempel.org/RB/Localization

Why choose OpenLingua over Real Software's Lingua

  • Can import OS X's Localizable.strings files back into .rbl files, and thereby back into your RB project.
  • Doesn't insert a (in RB rather useless) TAB character when pressing the Tab key, but instead moves to the next field as desired.
  • Supports VoiceOver in OS X, because it can be built for Cocoa.
  • Can show the texts without line wrapping (showing a horizontal scrollbar instead)

Why not to choose OpenLingua (yet)

  • There is no support for the optional change history yet, i.e. if you import updated .rbl files, you can not see the changes to the original values as you can in Lingua.
  • Export functions are not implemented yet.