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{% if category == 'Accessibility' %}
<p>Accessibility and inclusive design should be the first considerations when designing a digital product, service or website.
{% elif category == 'Apple' %}
<p>Apple are a company where good design is at the centre of everything they produce, both hardware and software. They don’t always pull it off, but I love that they sweat the tiniest details.
{% elif category == 'Business' %}
<p>I’m a small business owner; these are tips and tricks that might come in useful for other business owners.
{% elif category == 'Design' %}
<p>Interaction design, user experience design, user interface design; design is a fascinating subject.
{% elif category == 'Development' %}
<p>Frontend web development, from HTML, ARIA, CSS and JavaScript to Git and good development practices.
{% elif category == 'Markdown' %}
<p>For me, Markdown is the only way to write for the web. In fact, it should be the defacto way to write, full-stop!
{% elif category == 'Performance' %}
<p>If a website isn’t fast, it isn’t accessible.
{% elif category == 'Tools' %}
<p>The tools of the trade are important: hardware, apps, helpful features; even languages like <a href="/category/markdown">Markdown</a>.
{% elif category == 'Workflows' %}
<p>I’m always looking to refine the way I work, whether it’s process or the software I use.
{% else %}
<p>Articles and resources in the {{ category }} category.
{% endif %}
A <a href="/categories">full list of categories</a> is also available.</p>
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{% set categoryList = collections[ category ] %}
{% for post in categoryList | reverse %}
{% include "post-in-list.html" %}
{% endfor %}