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The things I'm up to right now
You've seen my [blog](/blog/) and [about page](/about) so you know what I'm interested in and how I ended up doing what I do, but what am I up to *right now*?
  • After catching Covid in late March (with relatively mild symptoms), the lingering grottiness and slightly sore throat have finally shifted after more than six months
  • In a good rhythm with running when working from home, and cycling to the office once a week or so
  • Still going with the daily cold showers
  • Continuing to stand, rather than sit, to work
  • Really digging into my guitar and bass after so many years of having no time to spare for anything other than work and childcare
  • Enjoying following the football again; all this extra time as the kids get more independent is great!
  • On the home stretch of home improvements: after a bit of a false start, the loft conversion is due to be finished over the course of the next few weeks

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers'