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Symmetric MNI152 6th generation template
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MNI ICBM152 non-linear 6th generation symmetric Average Brain Stereotaxic Registration Model

This is a version of the ICBM Average Brain - an average of 152 T1-weighted MRI scans, linearly and non-linearly (6 iterations) transformed to form a symmetric model in Talairach space - that is specially adapted for use with the MNI Linear Registration Package (mni_autoreg).

Please note that this volume here is different from the mni305 model (average_305) that was originally (back in ancient times) included with mni_autoreg.

Included in this package are the following files:

a version of the average MRI that covers the whole brain
    (unlike the original Talairach atlas), sampled with 1mm cubic
a mask of the average brain in icbm_avg_152_t1_tal_nlin_symmetric_VI.mnc,
semi-automatically created by Dr. Louis Collins.  Note that
this mask has had holes filled in, so it is a connected volume
but includes non-brain tissue (eg. the CSF in the ventricles)
another mask (full head mask), required for nonlinear mode
    a mask of the eyes

Reference: G. Grabner, A. L. Janke, M. M. Budge, D. Smith, J. Pruessner, and D. L. Collins, "Symmetric atlasing and model based segmentation: an application to the hippocampus in older adults", Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv Int Conf Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv, vol. 9, pp. 58-66, 2006.

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