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TZ Portfolio+ - Joomla 3.x

TZ Portfolio is a really good portfolio developing extensions for Joomla that allows users to display, style and manage their portfolio easily.

Plus it has all layouts and multi-categories you would need for a portfolio with two basic views: Portfolio and Single Article view.



*** Changelog ***

11/11/2016 - 1.0.5

- Fix error when install in Joomla v3.2.7
- Fix error can't use isotope layout (fitRows, straighDown)
- Update return link for addon edit when addon data created option link.
- Fix error assign categories in group field with first save group field.
- Remove block html when columns don't display html.
- Add return link when save & close add-on.
- Change error message of addon to display in alert box.
- Fix error JHtml Icon in view portfolio.
- Fix error default value of textarea extrafield addon.
- Change language in view template and template style.
- Fix error validate in module mod_tz_portfolio_plus_categories.
- Remove navigation of core in Single layout builder (change to addon).
- Fix error sort template style in template styles view.

09/15/2016 - 1.0.4

- Fix some warning when install first component.
- Fix error option "Layout" in Template Style with joomla 3.6.2
- Fix warning: added function postDeleteHook to path file libraries/controller/admin.php
- Update basic styles for default template of component, modules: TZ Portfolio Plus Articles, TZ Portfolio Plus Tags and TZ Portfolio Plus Categories.

06/09/2016 - 1.0.3

- Fix error upload image from server with add-on image of v1.0.2

06/07/2016 - 1.0.2

- Fix error select tags with layout portfolio of module mod_tz_portfolio_plus_articles.
- Fix error upload image with add-ons: image, image gallery of v1.0.1
- New feature: Preset for template style.

05/27/2016 - 1.0.1

- Fix errors with view categories:
    + Can't display categories.
    + Insert option category image in global and view.
- Fix validate html with users view.
- Fix enter key when choose tags and disable autocommplete when put tags in view create article with joomla 3.5.x
- Feature: run sql and script.php file for addon as component.

04/11/2016 - 1.0.0

- Release version 1.0.0