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Network-oriented Tor metrics and statistics
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Tor Metrics :: source

Network-oriented Tor metrics and statistics made with love (not javascript).

  • No javascript
  • Static HTML/CSS generation at runtime
  • Minimal library dependence (jinja2)
  • Sort by ASN, country, and platform
  • Respectful Onionoo queries (If-Modified-Since)
# Requirements: python3, jinja2 (pip install jinja2)

git clone
cd tor-metrics/tor-metrics

# Files are written to www/ by default
* Per-relay page generation (display contact, exit policy, etc)
* Top exit/guard/relay families (see
* Interesting statistics (ASN exit concentration, IPv6-supporting relays, etc)
* Implement something similar to

This project includes country flags by GoSquared and relay flags by the Tor Project.

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