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Python client for TempoDB
Python Shell
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TempoDB Python API Client

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The TempoDB Python API Client makes calls to the TempoDB API. The module is available on PyPi as tempodb.

Install tempodb from PyPI

pip install tempodb

Install tempodb from source

git clone

cd tempodb-python

python install

Run unit tests cd path/to/tempodb-python

python nosetests

Build documentation - if built from source and would like a local copy cd path/to/tempodb-python/docs

make html

cd build/html

firefox index.html

  1. Examples can be found in documentation

  2. After installing tempodb, download

  3. Edit your-api-key and your-api-secret in

  4. Run to insert 10 days of test data.


  1. Download

  2. Edit your-api-key and your-api-secret in

  3. Run to read back the data you just wrote in.


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