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@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@ Here's an example using Connect ( npm install connect ) to start a server, adapt
+You may also be interested in using [Cluster]( ( npm install cluster )to run the blog in a reliable way (just don't listen to the port directly, pass the Connect server to Cluster, add the cluster plugin you want, and start !).
## How to Install
Either manually install all the dependencies or use npm.
@@ -32,15 +34,17 @@ Either manually install all the dependencies or use npm.
For on the fly rendering of Graphviz graphs (DOT files), Graphviz will need to be [installed](
-## Full example of how to use wheat, using [repository]( for skin/articles/... :
+## Quick start using [repository]( for content :
$> npm install wheat
$> git clone
$> cd
Then edit app.js and add ".listen(3000);" at the end of "Connect.createServer", see above example using connect.
-Now just run it, and open your browser on [your host, port 3000](
+Now just run it
$> node app.js
-That's it!
+Open your browser on [your host, port 3000]( That's it!
+Note: Viewing any article using DOT files will crash the server if you don't have GraphViz (see above) installed
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