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Product Type Listing #712

cfaddict opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I am guessing that when you hit the plus next to Merchandise/Subscription/Content the ajax call grabs a list of product types for that category. When I hit the plus button though nothing happens and I receive 2 errors in firebug.

The path should be /localhost/murastore/plugins/Slatwall so I am not sure where its getting this url from

GET http://localhost/plugins/Slatwall/?F%3AparentProductType.productTypeID=444df2f7ea9c87e60051f3cd87b435a1&slatAction=admin%3Aajax.update
savedStateID=E68E16F1-9434-6548-4672D65F321225E6&entityName=SlatwallProductType 404 (Not Found)

Uncaught ReferenceError: r is not defined @ root.min.20120627085301.js:156


Looks like a path issue. Try adding a host entry and accessing the site as http://murastore/


This is because you are running mura in a subdirectory... and I never test stuff in a subdirectory. I can add a fix for this, but the quick fix would be doing what sumit said above.


If this was an actual project I would not either. I just think that this may come up again with others just dipping their toe in the water like me. You could easily setup a web root path and use that instead of just assuming the path is /.


I am not disagreeing with either of you here, just my 2 cents! Keep up the great work.

@gregmoser gregmoser referenced this issue from a commit
@gregmoser gregmoser Fix for issue #712 14fed70

Ok, i pushed a potential fix for this. Again, I don't have subfolder test environment setup so it would be helpful if you can confirm that the latest bleeding edge fixes this issue.


Closing this issue for now, please reopen if the issue persists

@gregmoser gregmoser closed this

that worked! Thanks Greg!

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