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Some various Arduino sketches.

Fade Two Pins Async:
Fritzing sketch: fade_two_pins_schematic.fz 

This sketch is similar to PWM example at (  It provides two PWMs that operate independently.
In the demo, it operates two LEDs simultaneously.  See the Fritzing sketch for the demo schematic.

Siren Lights:
Fritzing sketch: fade_two_pins_schematic.fz  -- also add a POT to A2

Could also be called "Fade Two Pins Async with Potentiometer".  This sketch is just like above, except 'fadeIncrement' is set by analog I/O pin A2.

One Pin Dual Led
Fritzing sketch: one_pin_dual_led.fz

Drives a dual-color LED with one digital I/O pin.  This sketch relies on a circuit with a voltage divider between the LED - connected to the I/O pin - and ground.