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Tendenci Credits

We want to recognize some of the developers of the core of Tendenci, from its beginnings in 2001 as an idealistic side project to the current open source version built on python by an international team. (sorted by date only of when they started working on Tendenci.)

  • Ed Schipul
  • Jennifer Ulmer
  • Donnell Smith
  • Aaron Long
  • Nse (Charles) Ekpenyong
  • Jenny Qian
  • Kathryn Ciaralli
  • Adil Ahmed (project manager)
  • Eloy Zuniga, Jr.
  • Glen Zangirolami
  • John-Michael Oswalt (JMO)
  • Sam Lee
  • Alex Ragsdale
  • Felicia Ann Bates (FAB)
  • John-Eddie Ayson (JE)
  • JayJay Montalbo
  • Max Chua

Tendenci would not exist without them.

Addition thanks to the following people who have contributed to the product as a whole:

  • Tim Newton
  • David Stagg
  • Loren Lugosch
  • Nabil Bani
  • Sarah Worthy