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@eschipul eschipul update wiki per issue submit by @goetzk that docs contradicted each other Sep 22, 2015 f9c2178
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@eschipul eschipul explain the intended use of status and statusdetail Jun 4, 2013 d045817
@eschipul eschipul added link to developer notes May 5, 2013 68bdf46
@eschipul eschipul added link to consolidation of events across sites May 5, 2013 64b9c47
@eschipul eschipul Brain dumped years of iterations on shared calendar events from Tendenci 4. Functionality isn't in 5 yet. ESS appears to be the emerging standard. - May 5, 2013 3a301e1
@eschipul eschipul Created a heading to put module specific pages below it. May 5, 2013 0da5ed0
@eschipul eschipul added a link to the non-profit helpful links page Feb 4, 2013 14b3952
@eschipul eschipul Started a new resource page for first time Tendenci users doing a self install. NEED HELP! Contribute and improve it? Feb 4, 2013 9b4e362
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