I can't figure out SSL, please help!
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I can't get SSL to work

This project is supposed to be an example HTTP2 server for Ruby. I am using DS9 for parsing and emitting HTTP 2 responses, but I am trying to write the SSL server using OpenSSL and it is not working.

I'll write how to get this up and running, then explain the problem I'm seeing.


First make sure to install nghttp2. On OS X, it is like this:

$ brew install nghttp2

Then do this:

$ git clone https://github.com/tenderlove/arghhh.git
$ cd arghhh
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec ruby server.rb public.pem private.pem

You should have the HTTP2 server running. In a different terminal do this:

$ nghttp https://localhost:8080/

The output should say "hello world". Now try browsing https://localhost:8080/ in the latest Chrome or Firefox, and you will get an EOF error. I can't figure out why I'm getting an EOF error.

The Problem

If you follow the steps in Hacking, you'll see that the nghttp client can make successful requests to the server, but using Chrome or Firefox will result in an EOF error. I can't figure out why.

I think it is an SSL handshake problem, and here is why:

If I run nghttpd like this:

$ nghttpd -v 8080 private.pem public.pem

Then in a different terminal I run ssldump like this:

$ sudo ssldump -a -d -A -H  -i lo0

When I access the server with Chrome, I see an exchange like this:

6 4  0.0013 (0.0000)  S>CV3.3(333)  Handshake
6 5  0.0013 (0.0000)  S>CV3.3(4)  Handshake
6 6  0.0028 (0.0014)  C>SV3.3(70)  Handshake
6 7  0.0028 (0.0000)  C>SV3.3(1)  ChangeCipherSpec
6 8  0.0028 (0.0000)  C>SV3.3(40)  Handshake
6 9  0.0029 (0.0001)  C>SV3.3(48)  application_data
6 10 0.0030 (0.0000)  C>SV3.3(45)  application_data
6 11 0.0030 (0.0000)  C>SV3.3(37)  application_data
6 12 0.0031 (0.0001)  C>SV3.3(268)  application_data
6 13 0.0031 (0.0000)  S>CV3.3(1)  ChangeCipherSpec
6 14 0.0031 (0.0000)  S>CV3.3(40)  Handshake
6 15 0.0032 (0.0001)  S>CV3.3(39)  application_data
6 16 0.0033 (0.0000)  C>SV3.3(33)  application_data
6 17 0.0036 (0.0002)  S>CV3.3(259)  application_data
6    5.3703 (5.3667)  S>C  TCP FIN
6    5.3706 (0.0003)  C>S  TCP FIN

If I do the same thing, but with my Ruby server, I see this:

1 4  0.0033 (0.0000)  S>CV3.3(527)  Handshake
1 5  0.0033 (0.0000)  S>CV3.3(4)  Handshake
1 6  0.0049 (0.0015)  C>SV3.3(134)  Handshake
1 7  0.0049 (0.0000)  C>SV3.3(1)  ChangeCipherSpec
1 8  0.0049 (0.0000)  C>SV3.3(60)  Handshake
1 9  0.0049 (0.0000)  C>SV3.3(40)  Handshake
1 10 0.0056 (0.0006)  S>CV3.3(218)  Handshake
1 11 0.0056 (0.0000)  S>CV3.3(1)  ChangeCipherSpec
1 12 0.0056 (0.0000)  S>CV3.3(40)  Handshake
1    0.0063 (0.0007)  C>S  TCP FIN

In the good case, the browser sends a handshake followed by application data. In this case, the server sends a handshake and the browser seems to kill the connection.

Things I've tried

I've tried changing the cipher list to be like the one in nghttp2.

I've tried setting the same options.

It looks like the server in the nghttp2 repo uses ALPN. OpenSSL in Ruby doesn't support that, so I added it and changed the server to have ALPN support and that didn't work. Here is the patch I wrote to add ALPN support (which I will get upstreamed if I can prove that it is what we need). NOTE: The other example server in the nghttp2 repo does not use ALPN and it seems to work with Chrome and FireFox just fine.

Things I haven't tried

I couldn't figure out how to use WireShark, so I was relying on ssldump. Beyond that, I'm not sure.




For those of you still reading, the really weird thing is that Chrome seems to retry the request, and if you are running this script inside of Puma it will actually succeed on the second request!