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@@ -137,9 +137,9 @@ manual tree traversal.
The [XPath language][] was written for easily
traversing an XML tree structure, but we can use it with HTML trees as well.
-Let's look at a sample program for extracting links from a google search.
-We'll use XPath to find the data we want, and we'll pick apart the XPath
+Let's look at a sample program for extracting search result links from a google
+search. We'll use XPath to find the data we want, and we'll pick apart the
+XPath syntax:
require 'open-uri'
require 'nokogiri'
@@ -166,6 +166,41 @@ is nothing between slashes, that is a sort of wild card meaning "any tag
matches". The "h3" and "a" are tag name matchers, and only match when the tag
name matches.
+Finding tag names is great, but if you run the previous program, you might
+find that it returns more "a" tags than we actually want. We need to narrow
+down our search based on some attributes of the tags, specifically the "class"
+values. To match attribute values in XPath, we use brackets. Let's look at a
+couple examples.
+To match "h3" tags that have a class attribute, we would say:
+ h3[@class]
+To match "h3" tags whose class attribute is equal to the string "r", we would
+ h3[@class = "r"]
+Using the attribute matching construct, we can modify our previous query to:
+ //h3[@class = "r"]/a[@class = "l"]
+which in English terms is:
+> Find all "a" tags with a class attribute equal to "l" and an immediate
+> parent tag "h3" that has a class attribute equal to "r"
+If we substitute that XPath back in to our original program, we'll get the
+expected results.
+For more information on doing XPath queries, I recommend checking out the
+[tutorial at w3schools][] as
+well as the [w3 recommendation][].
+For more information on using XPath within Nokogiri, check out the
+[Nokogiri tutorials][] as well as the
### Basic CSS
### Basic Node API

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