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# Getting Started with Nokogiri
-Parsing XML and HTML is something most programmers
+Nokogiri is a library for dealing with XML and HTML documents.
+[I][] wrote this
+library along with my (more attractive) partner in crime,
+[Mike Dalessio][]. We both use and enjoy working with
+Nokogiri for dealing with HTML and XML on a daily basis, and I'd like to share
+it with you! In this article, I will cover:
+* Getting Nokogiri installed
+* Basic document parsing
+* Basic data extraction
+Hopefully by the end of this article you will also be able to use and enjoy
+Nokogiri on a day to day basis too!
## Installation
@@ -304,3 +314,17 @@ We can even get a list of attributes or values of attributes like so:
node.keys #=> list of attribute name
node.values #=> list of attribute values
+For more information on things you can do with Nodes, check out the
+[Node Documentation][] and also the
+Nokogiri [tutorials section][].
+## Conclusion
+I hope this article has you on your way to HTML and XML parsing nirvana.
+Remember the tree data structure, and remember that XPath and CSS can be
+performed on HTML documents *and* XML documents.
+Make sure to check out [our documentation][], and if you
+have any problems make sure to
+[join the mailing list][]!

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