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2001 Dom test suite
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docs Bug 1510: Fix self-hosted productions for L1/L2 HTML
doxygen build.xml refactoring and L3 distributions (bug 398)
ecmascript Bug 2326: svgunit.js missing function assert(msg, id)
lib Update to JSUnit 2.0 release (bug 671)
patches Bug 346: Changed replacement delimiter
ruby making the parser quiet, fixing exception names
tests Removed NIST server
transforms making the parser quiet, fixing exception names
.cvsignore Update to JSUnit 2.0 release (bug 671)
.gitignore adding ruby way to build stuff
README.cvs New
Rakefile providing url with parse, and accessing accessors like ruby does
build.xml Bug 1840: Self-hosted production fails when test document contains a …
clover.xml XHTML compatible L3 Core tests (bug 455)
domts.xml Change junit-jar.jar to junit-run.jar (bug 377)
runtests.xml Bug 2283: Update runtests.xml for up-to-date implementations
schemavalidate.ant Opera support fixes for L3 Core test files (bug 600)


<!-- this isn't a complete document; it gets inserted in the CVSweb page. -->
<h2>The DOM TS CVS Repository</h2>

<p>The DOM Test Suites (TS) will consist of a number of tests for each level of
the DOM specification.</p>

<p>For further information, please see <a
href=''>Document Object Model (DOM) Conformance Test
Suites</a> (news, mailing list, ...).</p>

<p>See also <a

<a href="">The DOM TS Moderators</a><br />
<small>$Revision: 1.1 $ of $Date: 2001-07-05 20:19:16 $ by $Author: plehegar $</small>
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