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My ESP8266 + Plantower AQ sensor project

This project is an ESP8266 combined with an AQ sensor and temp / humidity sensor. I have these set up around my house so I can monitor air quality and temp. The sensor publishes data to an MQTT server, then I have a listener that connects to the MQTT server and writes all of the AQ data to an Influx database. I'm using Grafana to graph the data in the InfluxDB.


Here is a photo of the completed project:

Photo of Project

The sensor gets power over USB. When you power the sensor up, it will create an ad-hoc wifi network. You can connect to that network then configure the sensor with the network you want it to connect to.


The PCB is found in the pcb directory. It's just a Kicad project. The README in that folder has more information about the hardware side of this project (including parts, etc).


The firmware is found in the firmware directory. The README file in that folder has more information about the firmware side of this project.


Here is a sample graph of the data:

Grafana screenshot