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# You may have to ajust to call the right compiler, or other oprions
# for compiling and linking
CFLAGS=`xml2-config --cflags`
LIBS=`xml2-config --libs`
THREADLIB= -lpthread
all: runtest$(EXEEXT) runsuite$(EXEEXT) testapi$(EXEEXT) testchar$(EXEEXT)
$(RM) runtest$(EXEEXT) runsuite$(EXEEXT) testapi$(EXEEXT)
check: do_runtest do_testchar do_testapi do_runsuite
runtest$(EXEEXT): runtest.c
$(CC) -o runtest$(EXEEXT) $(CFLAGS) runtest.c $(LIBS) $(THREADLIB)
do_runtest: runtest$(EXEEXT)
runsuite$(EXEEXT): runsuite.c
$(CC) -o runsuite$(EXEEXT) $(CFLAGS) runsuite.c $(LIBS)
do_runsuite: runsuite$(EXEEXT)
testapi$(EXEEXT): testapi.c
$(CC) -o testapi$(EXEEXT) $(CFLAGS) testapi.c $(LIBS)
do_testapi: testapi$(EXEEXT)
testchar$(EXEEXT): testchar.c
$(CC) -o testchar$(EXEEXT) $(CFLAGS) testchar.c $(LIBS)
do_testchar: testchar$(EXEEXT)