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Memcache-client FAQ

Does memcache-client work with Ruby 1.9?

Yes, Ruby 1.9 is supported. The test suite should pass completely on 1.8.6 and 1.9.1.

I'm seeing “execution expired” or “time's up!” errors, what's that all about?

memcache-client 1.6.x+ now has socket operations timed out by default. This is to prevent the Ruby process from hanging if memcached or starling get into a bad state, which has been seen in production by both 37signals and FiveRuns. The default timeout is 0.5 seconds, which should be more than enough time under normal circumstances. It's possible to hit a storm of concurrent events which cause this timer to expire: a large Ruby VM can cause the GC to take a while, while also storing a large (500k-1MB value), for example.

You can increase the timeout or disable them completely with the following configuration:

config.cache_store = :mem_cache_store, 'server1', 'server2', { :timeout => nil } # no timeout

native: ['server1', 'server2'], { :timeout => 1.0 } # 1 second timeout
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