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Added minitest-stub_any_instance to readme. (codeodor)

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@zenspider zenspider authored
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1  README.txt
@@ -425,6 +425,7 @@ minitest-spec-context :: Provides rspec-ish context method to MiniTest::Sp
minitest-spec-expect :: Expect syntax for MiniTest::Spec - expect(sequences).to_include :celery_man
minitest-spec-magic :: Minitest::Spec extensions for Rails and beyond
minitest-spec-rails :: Drop in MiniTest::Spec superclass for ActiveSupport::TestCase.
+minitest-stub_any_instance :: Stub any instance of a method on the given class for the duration of a block
minitest-stub-const :: Stub constants for the duration of a block
minitest-tags :: add tags for minitest
minitest-wscolor :: Yet another test colorizer.
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