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Properly case people's names

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= NameCase


NameCase is a Ruby implementation of Lingua::EN::NameCase, a library for
converting strings to be properly cased. This is good for converting
denormalized data to human friendly data.

* Example Usage

  NameCase("RON BURGUNDY")  # => Ron Burgundy
  NameCase("MCDONALDS")     # => McDonalds

* Acknowledgements

This library is a port of the Perl library, and owes most of its functionality
to the Perl version by Mark Summerfield. Any bugs in the Ruby port are my

* Author

Original Version:
Copyright (c) Mark Summerfield 1998-2002.
All Rights Reserved

Ruby Version:
Copyright (c) Aaron Patterson 2006

* License

NameCase is distributed under the GPL license.  Please see the LICENSE file.
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