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== 1.3.1 2010-09-09
* Enhancements:
* Tested with Rails 3.0.0 release
* Lexer options for context index creation
* Added Bundler for running adapter specs, added RUNNING_TESTS.rdoc with description how to run specs
* Connection to database using :host, :port and :database options
* Improved loading of adapter in Rails 3 using railtie
* Bug fixes:
* Fix for custom context index procedure when indexing records with null values
* Quote table and column names in write_lobs callback
* Fix for incorrect column SQL types when two models use the same table and AR query cache is enabled
* Fixes for schema and scructure dump tasks
* Fix for handling of zero-length strings in BLOB and CLOB columns
* removed String.mb_chars upcase and downcase methods for Ruby 1.9 as Rails 3.0.0 already includes Unicode aware upcase and downcase methods for Ruby 1.9
* Fixes for latest ActiveRecord unit tests
== 1.3.0 2010-06-21
* Enhancements:
* Rails 3.0.0.beta4 and Rails 2.3.x compatible
* When used with Rails 3 then works together with Oracle SQL compiler included in Arel gem (
* Rails 3: Better support for limit and offset (when possible adds just ROWNUM condition in WHERE clause without using subqueries)
* Table and column names are always quoted and in uppercase to avoid the need for checking Oracle reserved words
* Full text search index creation (add_context_index and remove_context_index methods in migrations and #contains method in ActiveRecord models)
* add_index and remove_index give just warnings on wrong index names (new expected behavior in Rails 2.3.8 and 3.0.0)
* :tablespace and :options options for create_table and add_index
* Workarounds:
* Rails 3: set ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::OracleEnhancedAdapter.cache_columns = true in initializer file for all environments
(to avoid too many data dictionary queries from Arel)
* Rails 2.3: patch several ActiveRecord methods to work correctly with quoted table names in uppercase (see oracle_enhanced_activerecord_patches.rb).
These patches are already included in Rails 3.0.0.beta4.
* Bug fixes:
* Fixes for schema purge (drop correctly materialized views)
* Fixes for schema dump and structure dump (use correct statement separator)
* Only use Oracle specific schema dump for Oracle connections
== 1.2.4 2010-02-23
* Enhancements:
* rake db:test:purge will drop all schema objects from test schema (including views, synonyms, packages, functions, procedures) -
they should be always reloaded before tests run if necessary
* added views, synonyms, packages, functions, procedures, indexes, triggers, types, primary, unique and foreign key constraints to structure dump
* added :temporary option for create_table to create temporary tables
* added :tablespace option for add_index
* support function based indexes in schema dump
* support JNDI database connections in JRuby
* check ruby-oci8 minimum version 2.0.3
* added savepoints support (nested ActiveRecord transactions)
* Bug fixes:
* typecast returned BigDecimal integer values to Fixnum or Bignum
(to avoid issues with _before_type_cast values for id attributes because _before_type_cast is used in form helpers)
* clear table columns cache after columns definition change in migrations
== 1.2.3 2009-12-09
* Enhancements
* support fractional seconds in TIMESTAMP values
* support for ActiveRecord 2.3.5
* use ENV['TZ'] to set database session time zone
(as a result DATE and TIMESTAMP values are retrieved with correct time zone)
* added cache_columns adapter option
* added current_user adapter method
* added set_integer_columns and set_string_columns ActiveRecord model class methods
* Bug fixes:
* do not raise exception if ENV['PATH'] is nil
* do not add change_table behavior for ActiveRecord 2.0 (to avoid exception during loading)
* move foreign key definitions after definition of all tables in schema.rb
(to avoid definition of foreign keys before all tables are created)
* changed timestamp format mask to use ':' before fractional seconds
(workaround to avoid table detection in tables_in_string method in ActiveRecord associations.rb file)
* fixed custom create/update/delete methods with ActiveRecord 2.3+ and timestamps
* do not call oracle_enhanced specific schema dump methods when using other database adapters
== 1.2.2 2009-09-28
* Enhancements
* improved RDoc documentation of public methods
* structure dump optionally (database.yml environment has db_stored_code: yes) extracts
packages, procedures, functions, views, triggers and synonyms
* automatically generated too long index names are shortened down to 30 characters
* create tables with primary key triggers
* use 'set_sequence_name :autogenerated' for inserting into legacy tables with trigger populated primary keys
* access to tables over database link (need to define local synonym to remote table and use local synonym in set_table_name)
* [JRuby] support JDBC connection using TNS_ADMIN environment variable and TNS database alias
* changed cursor_sharing option default from 'similar' to 'force'
* optional dbms_output logging to ActiveRecord log file (requires ruby-plsql gem)
* use add_foreign_key and remove_foreign_key to define foreign key constraints
(the same syntax as in and similar
* raise RecordNotUnique and InvalidForeignKey exceptions if caused by corresponding ORA errors
(these new exceptions are supported just by current ActiveRecord master branch)
* implemented disable_referential_integrity
(enables safe loading of fixtures in schema with foreign key constraints)
* use add_synonym and remove_synonym to define database synonyms
* add_foreign_key and add_synonym are also exported to schema.rb
* Bug fixes:
* [JRuby] do not raise LoadError if ojdbc14.jar cannot be required (rely on application server to add it to class path)
* [JRuby] 'execute' can be used to create triggers with :NEW reference
* support create_table without a block
* support create_table with Symbol table name
* use ActiveRecord functionality to do time zone conversion
* rake tasks such as db:test:clone are redefined only if oracle_enhanced is current adapter in use
* VARCHAR2 and CHAR column sizes are defined in characters and not in bytes (expected behavior from ActiveRecord)
* set_date_columns, set_datetime_columns, ignore_table_columns will work after reestablishing connection
* ignore :limit option for :text and :binary columns in migrations
* patches for ActiveRecord schema dumper to remove table prefixes and suffixes from schema.rb
== 1.2.1 2009-06-07
* Enhancements
* caching of table indexes query which makes schema dump much faster
* Bug fixes:
* return Date (and not DateTime) values for :date column value before year 1970
* fixed after_create/update/destroy callbacks with plsql custom methods
* fixed creation of large integers in JRuby
* Made test tasks respect RAILS_ENV
* fixed support for composite primary keys for tables with LOBs
== 1.2.0 2009-03-22
* Enhancements
* support for JRuby and JDBC
* support for Ruby 1.9.1 and ruby-oci8 2.0
* support for Rails 2.3
* quoting of Oracle reserved words in table names and column names
* emulation of OracleAdapter (for ActiveRecord unit tests)
* Bug fixes:
* several bug fixes that were identified during running of ActiveRecord unit tests
== 1.1.9 2009-01-02
* Enhancements
* Added support for table and column comments in migrations
* Added support for specifying sequence start values
* Added :privilege option (e.g. :SYSDBA) to ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection
* Bug fixes:
* Do not mark empty decimals, strings and texts (stored as NULL in database) as changed when reassigning them (starting from Rails 2.1)
* Create booleans as VARCHAR2(1) columns if emulate_booleans_from_strings is true
== 1.1.8 2008-10-10
* Bug fixes:
* Fixed storing of serialized LOB columns
* Prevent from SQL injection in :limit and :offset
* Order by LOB columns (by replacing column with function which returns first 100 characters of LOB)
* Sequence creation for tables with non-default primary key in create_table block
* Do count distinct workaround only when composite_primary_keys gem is used
(otherwise count distinct did not work with ActiveRecord 2.1.1)
* Fixed rake db:test:clone_structure task
* Fixed bug when ActiveRecord::Base.allow_concurrency = true
== 1.1.7 2008-08-20
* Bug fixes:
* Fixed that adapter works without ruby-plsql gem (in this case just custom create/update/delete methods are not available)
== 1.1.6 2008-08-19
* Enhancements:
* Added support for set_date_columns and set_datetime_columns
* Added support for set_boolean_columns
* Added support for schema prefix in set_table_name (removed table name quoting)
* Added support for NVARCHAR2 column type
* Bug fixes:
* Do not call write_lobs callback when custom create or update methods are defined
== 1.1.5 2008-07-27
* Bug fixes:
* Fixed that write_lobs callback works with partial_updates enabled (added additional record lock before writing BLOB data to database)
* Enhancements:
* Changed SQL SELECT in indexes method so that it will execute faster on some large data dictionaries
* Support for other date and time formats when assigning string to :date or :datetime column
== 1.1.4 2008-07-14
* Enhancements:
* Date/Time quoting changes to support composite_primary_keys
* Added additional methods that are used by composite_primary_keys
== 1.1.3 2008-07-10
* Enhancements:
* Added support for custom create, update and delete methods when working with legacy databases where
PL/SQL API should be used for create, update and delete operations
== 1.1.2 2008-07-08
* Bug fixes:
* Fixed after_save callback addition for session store in ActiveRecord version 2.0.2
* Changed date column name recognition - now should match regex /(^|_)date(_|$)/i
(previously "updated_at" was recognized as :date column and not as :datetime)
== 1.1.1 2008-06-28
* Enhancements:
* Added ignore_table_columns option
* Added support for TIMESTAMP columns (without fractional seconds)
* NLS_DATE_FORMAT and NLS_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT independent DATE and TIMESTAMP columns support
* Bug fixes:
* Checks if CGI::Session::ActiveRecordStore::Session does not have enhanced_write_lobs callback before adding it
(Rails 2.0 does not add this callback, Rails 2.1 does)
== 1.1.0 2008-05-05
* Forked from original activerecord-oracle-adapter-
* Renamed oracle adapter to oracle_enhanced adapter
* Added "enhanced" to method and class definitions so that oracle_enhanced and original oracle adapter
could be used simultaniously
* Added Rails rake tasks as a copy from original oracle tasks
* Enhancements:
* Improved perfomance of schema dump methods when used on large data dictionaries
* Added LOB writing callback for sessions stored in database
* Added emulate_dates_by_column_name option
* Added emulate_integers_by_column_name option
* Added emulate_booleans_from_strings option