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URL for libyaml in psych.rb #73

Carolyn-Ann opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Carolyn Ann Aaron Patterson
Carolyn Ann

The homepage for libyaml in psych.rb points to a "holding page".

This bit:


Psych is a YAML parser and emitter. Psych leverages
libyaml[] for it's YAML parsing and emitting capabilities.

... etc ...

That second line should be:
libyaml[] for its YAML parsing and emitting capabilities.

or you could point to libyaml's github page:
libyaml[] for its YAML parsing and emitting capabilities.

(I also removed the apostrophe from "its"!)

It's a silly one, and I should have noticed the difference! :-)

(Update: I took out all the comment hashes because GitHub-flavored Markdown was having too much fun with them... )

Aaron Patterson

Let's point it at the wiki page. Can you send a pull request?

Aaron Patterson

Closing this because I merged the pull request.

Aaron Patterson tenderlove closed this
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