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- Try grammars which contain non-ASCII chars.
- On conflict, try to find a series of tokens which can be parsed BOTH by
an automaton which resolves the conflict in one way, and by an automaton
which resolves the conflict in the other way.
This problem is not solvable in the general case. Just do a recursive search,
limiting the search space enough to terminate quickly.
First though, we need to abstract the classes which represent LR states and
automatons a bit more, making them amenable to use for general-purpose
analysis and manipulation, not just solely doing what Racc needs to generate
a parser.
- If we can do that, show alternative derivation trees for the same tokens.
- Any other compiler checks or warnings which we should add?
- Generate LR(1) rather than LALR(1) parsers.
- Add a directive to manually resolve one specific conflict.
This will also be used internally for the next point:
- Add *, ?, +, as well as parentheses for grouping, to the understood grammar
file format.
- Generate more efficient parsers!
- Documentation
- Full code review and cleanup
- Make the code RuboCop-compliant
- Then add RC to the build process
- Any further tests which can be added to verify correctness?