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html option seems be sanitized out in 1.0.8 #16

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thoughtafter Egor Homakov


helper.auto_link("this is a test", :html=>{:rel => "nofollow"})
=> "this is a test <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a>"


helper.auto_link("this is a test", :html=>{:rel => "nofollow"})
=> "this is a test <a href=\"\"></a>"

This may be a deliberate change of behavior but if so there should be something documenting how to update the code.

Egor Homakov homakov referenced this issue from a commit
Egor Homakov homakov roll back and whitelist protocols
Repairing auto_link workflow
Closes #15 #16
Egor Homakov
homakov commented

Yes I dealt with output very badly sanitizing it all. Now we rolled back and fixed the problem in another way - use 1.0.9 please

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