Consider latin1 non-breaking spaces (aka &160;) as spaces, and omit them from autolinked urls #30

merged 1 commit into from Sep 21, 2013

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The non-breaking space (0xA0, &160;,  ) doesn't get counted as a space currently.

Before patch:

> helper.auto_link(" is great")
=> "<a href=\" is\"> is</a> great" 

After patch:

> helper.auto_link(" is great")
=> "<a href=\"\"></a> is great" 

Would be sweet if this handled   as well. I'm currently having this same issue but from CKeditor putting   characters right after urls :)

@xuanxu xuanxu merged commit f523048 into tenderlove:master Sep 21, 2013

Merged. Thank you @tiegz!

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