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jrmehle commented Jan 20, 2011

Here's a little something melissavoegeli and I threw together.

jrmehle and others added some commits Jan 18, 2011
@jrmehle jrmehle Added eager loading to AccountsController#index 9fff381
Melissa Voegeli reset.css 4e5a66e
@jrmehle jrmehle Added a background graphic and some other basic CSS. Added some web f…
…onts for a different look.
@jrmehle jrmehle Styled fork me link 0259dc9
@jrmehle jrmehle Ignore .DS_store files d878629
@jrmehle jrmehle Fixed quoting of nicknames. Updated style too. 6ca0611
@jrmehle jrmehle Make only nicknames quoted. a15e41f
Melissa Voegeli trying a new smaller header and unsure of content background c532980
@jrmehle jrmehle Refactored nickname formatting e0dfe20
Melissa Voegeli started to style tables in different way 6449e35
@jrmehle jrmehle Styled tables. 330383f
Melissa Voegeli Well, how do I keep the content from being opaque? 532a851
Melissa Voegeli We need to make the table pretty 5f5decb
@jrmehle jrmehle More stylez. 87251dc
@jrmehle jrmehle Get rid of deprecation warning. 543e343
Melissa Voegeli well.. ac0e869
Melissa Voegeli Merge branch 'master' of d8fad04
@jrmehle jrmehle New look for avatars and usernames. 8eda9c2
@jrmehle jrmehle Styled header and footer to match the rest of the design. 20925fd
@jrmehle jrmehle Gave missing avatar icon a bit of padding around the icon. 63d931d
@jrmehle jrmehle Fix the header to the top of the page. f0f7bf8
Melissa Voegeli changed the header 5f3ae7c
@jrmehle jrmehle Restyled fork me link and slightly adjusted header. c86954f
@jrmehle jrmehle Added a bg image to the header and changed some of the markup to make…
… more semantic sense
@jrmehle jrmehle Polished the style. 1d95f4d
@jrmehle jrmehle Fixed bug where usernames were being cut off. 3f80b40
@jrmehle jrmehle Even out width of tables so that percentages equal 100%. 5b4603f
@jrmehle jrmehle Oops f528990
@jrmehle jrmehle Linked names in footer. bbab961
Melissa Voegeli fixed the column spacing in tables 9db6e6e
jrmehle commented Jan 20, 2011

We've got the site running over at


I don't know how this got closed, so I'm reopening. Sorry about that!

@tenderlove tenderlove closed this Aug 11, 2013
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