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joemsak commented Jan 5, 2011

I implemented a rake task to find & store book titles in the db
So books link out to the ISBNdb, if they were found
Still working away at this, but want to share the love
I'm collaborating with "nicinabox" and if we win, I promise to split the lovebucks with him

Thanks, Cheers!

joemsak and others added some commits Jan 4, 2011
@joemsak joemsak Initial changes 95290b3
@joemsak joemsak Some CSS changes, more space between people, less data up front, just…
… one avatar, a default avatar
@joemsak joemsak bundle changed 2d74018
@joemsak joemsak Created Account show view, added some logic to partials for index vs …
…show, added friendly ID for nice URLs
@joemsak joemsak JS started, books started 3c512f8
@joemsak joemsak Books can find & store titles with ISBNdb api, and we only pull in & …
…link to books that were found by the API
@joemsak joemsak README asks you to rake book_titles a0ec82b
@joemsak joemsak change the conditional on the rake task e185858
@joemsak joemsak jquery Filter by username 00e8674
@joemsak joemsak change placeholder text 9fcafb5
@joemsak joemsak account partial updated with sentences 13ad095
@nicinabox nicinabox preliminary account view markup/css 0fd84e7
@joemsak joemsak ignore .DS_Store 346129e
@joemsak joemsak Merge branch 'master' of 0e6b6da
@joemsak joemsak blah! dcd96e9
@joemsak joemsak don't show books in INDEX e989c5d
@joemsak joemsak img display block removes extraneous padding 978c9a6
@joemsak joemsak link the logo back home e4db416
@nicinabox nicinabox link color
Account spacing/whitepsace
@nicinabox nicinabox Added services container
Added sites column
@joemsak joemsak link_to_service doesn't pass options? for shame! also, linking up ser…
…vices for iconization
@nicinabox nicinabox Added icons
Added my_service base css
@nicinabox nicinabox Added 16px icons 6e7f73f
@joemsak joemsak Styled the side drawer 8c4cbc9
@joemsak joemsak Merge branch 'master' of 25af8d6
@nicinabox nicinabox font-face + h2 font
enlarged name copy
@nicinabox nicinabox Merge branch 'master' of c382ca8
@joemsak joemsak Add icons to titles da6aa35
@joemsak joemsak Merge branch 'master' of 66f8b4d
@joemsak joemsak min height for account card is enough to cover all services d477f05
@nicinabox nicinabox fixed col width b3f0ef3
@nicinabox nicinabox Merge branch 'master' of bf373a4
@joemsak joemsak refactored logic in account partial a7732e7
@nicinabox nicinabox Added line height for h2
Added a hover for account
@nicinabox nicinabox Merge branch 'master' of 83f4585
@joemsak joemsak link_to_service should pass the options hash
Merge branch 'master' of

@joemsak joemsak Merge branch 'master' of c60d223
@nicinabox nicinabox fixed link hover color on images 4886ae5
@nicinabox nicinabox Merge branch 'master' of 60075ad
@nicinabox nicinabox Remove underline on hover 3dbead1
@nicinabox nicinabox Made height of account card more flexible 7ea7c8c
Nic Haynes Better dynamic height on account
Better missing picture image
Nic Haynes Styled search 0864b1d
Nic Haynes Services inset into page 254100c
Nic Haynes Base grid style a1b6fcd
Nic Haynes More grid styling e7cdbc4
@joemsak joemsak use .closest() instead of .parent() so the JS traverses to first ance…
…stor with matching selector
@joemsak joemsak Nic doesn't know how to spell d395902
Nic Haynes added contributers count d2dd450
Nic Haynes Fixed why bg on twitter icon 2e2c220
Nic Haynes Firefox inset shadow 8d84a3a
@nicinabox nicinabox Added css transition color on filter focus 94dbcf4
@nicinabox nicinabox Added results count to filter 77d0701
@nicinabox nicinabox Grid UI
@nicinabox nicinabox Sexy header :) 2e537f9
@joemsak joemsak css3 transition has defaults, only have to specify duration 67a41ae
@nicinabox nicinabox Header margin tweaks 9355361
@nicinabox nicinabox Added placeholder color 910135b
@nicinabox nicinabox Added byline for haiku e148e70
@joemsak joemsak A little transition power, and a little brick & mortar work smoothed …
…out the user name search
@joemsak joemsak Merge branch 'master' of
@joemsak joemsak fix transitions with new logo b24de23
@joemsak joemsak Not using js responses 8d5ae77
@joemsak joemsak Books with no title found can always have another chance 5b19ff8
Nic Haynes Removed dim lights on account view 9a6cb5f
Nic Haynes Footer margin
Sped up masonry
Nic Haynes Added stats back
Logo tweaks
@joemsak joemsak increase hit target to entire card preview a13fab3
@nicinabox nicinabox Account picture 25% larger 912d007
@nicinabox nicinabox Merge branch 'master' of 55dbb6e
@nicinabox nicinabox Grid hover style d45a976
@joemsak joemsak search as you type animation enhanced e46d75f
@joemsak joemsak Now the green check indicators gtfo of the way a7026c1
@nicinabox nicinabox moved filter function to controller, much faster.
pruned js
@nicinabox nicinabox Removed local jquery from inclusion 983d9f6
@nicinabox nicinabox Cleaned up some bloat in filter method c96a222
@nicinabox nicinabox Fixed comma in route da9a72e
@nicinabox nicinabox Fixed min-height in account view 5484c7b
@nicinabox nicinabox Added iddy icon cbc28c3
@nicinabox nicinabox Moved github ribbon to right side 1309c21
@nicinabox nicinabox Now linking to google books :) 1b83dec
@nicinabox nicinabox Fixed forkme link 60f3051
@nicinabox nicinabox Cleaned up filter method
Added no results message
Nic Haynes Added bg noise 343d4fd
Nic Haynes Removed hacked css comment :/ 36d9ca8
Nic Haynes Fixed my a typo in my website url :P 3306a46
Nic Haynes REALLY fixed url this time bd4f9e6
@nicinabox nicinabox Fixed margin bug on total contributors message
Changed no results message
Updated footer credits to use twitter links
@nicinabox nicinabox Lighter weight for logo 0ed4171

Huge fan of the search filter - wish I'd thought of that! Love the clean layout as well as the individual card views.

joemsak commented Jan 21, 2011

Thanks man:) gotta give nicinabox the design credit, without him i'd be dead in the water


This is one of my favorites. Very clean design. Minimalist interfaces <3

The search filter is awesome.


Thank you :D


ejc commented Jan 21, 2011

Big fan of this entry. Search filter, the look, simplicity.

Great work guys.

joemsak commented Jan 21, 2011

Aw man, thanks! Your illustration skills are p. phenomenal!

mnoble commented Jan 21, 2011


I love this entry. It very much matches the idea of simplicity and elegance we're all used to with the language itself. Very nice work guys!

joemsak commented Jan 21, 2011

Thank you!! :)


Very clean. Love the quote at the top. Nice!


What's more Japanese than a haiku? :)

maxim commented Jan 22, 2011

Good compromise between clean design and much info at fingertips. I would prefer to learn a little more from the homepage though.

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