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Library packaging and distribution for Ruby.
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Latest commit 0975003 @tenderlove remove nil checks from stub list iteration
There should *never* be a nil value in the stub list, so we can stop
doing runtime nil checks on the stub object as we iterate.
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bin Revert "+ Introduce a deprecate_quiet that respects $VERBOSE. Use in …
hide_lib_for_update Ensure hide_lib_for_update appears in tarfiles
lib remove nil checks from stub list iteration
test/rubygems reuse the gem dir between stub specifications
util Merge pull request #1249 from kemitchell/spdx_validation
.autotest Fix autotest matching
.document Fix .document for RDoc/hoe
.gitignore You should not have .gemspec lying around
.travis.yml Skip testing with YAML=syck for ruby 2+ Add the Contributor Covenant CoC
CVE-2013-4287.txt Improve wording in CVE-2013-4287
CVE-2013-4363.txt Fix CVE-2013-4363, remove regexp backtracking
CVE-2015-3900.txt Fix version number affected
History.txt Add #1367 to History
LICENSE.txt Remove reference to missing LICENSE file
MIT.txt Update MIT credits for near-identical bundler code
Manifest.txt Update Manifest
README.rdoc update capitalization
Rakefile [Resolver] Prefix molinillo requires so that the load path doesnt nee…
UPGRADING.rdoc Update UPGRADING to mention the 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 breakage
appveyor.yml Add AppVeyor to run tests against Windows CI
setup.rb Better message about version minimum. Fixes #95










RubyGems is a package management framework for Ruby.

This gem is an update for the RubyGems software. You must have an installation of RubyGems before this update can be applied.

See Gem for information on RubyGems (or `ri Gem`)

To upgrade to the latest RubyGems, run:

$ gem update --system  # you might need to be an administrator or root

See UPGRADING.rdoc for more details and alternative instructions.

If you don't have RubyGems installed, you can still do it manually:

  • Download from:

  • Unpack into a directory and cd there

  • Install with: ruby setup.rb # you may need admin/root privilege

For more details and other options, see:

ruby setup.rb --help


Support Requests

Are you unsure of how to use RubyGems? Do you think you've found a bug and you're not sure? If that is the case, the best place for you is to file a support request at

Filing Tickets

Got a bug and you're not sure? You're sure you have a bug, but don't know what to do next? In any case, let us know about it! The best place for letting the RubyGems team know about bugs or problems you're having is on the RubyGems issues page at GitHub.

Bundler Compatibility

See for known issues.

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