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Pure Rust multi-provider digital signature library with support for elliptic curve digital signature algorithms, namely ECDSA (described in FIPS 186‑4) and Ed25519 (described in RFC 8032).

Signatory provides a thread-safe and object-safe API and implements providers for many popular Rust crates, including ed25519‑dalek, ring, secp256k1, and sodiumoxide.



Signatory exposes a thread-and-object-safe API for creating digital signatures which allows several signature providers to be compiled-in and available with specific providers selected at runtime.


All Signatory providers require Rust 1.37+

Provider Support

Signatory includes the following providers, which are each packaged into their own respective crates (except for the yubihsm provider, which is included directly in the yubihsm crate).

ECDSA providers

Provider Crate Backend Crate Type P‑256 P‑384 secp256k1
signatory‑ring ring Soft
signatory‑secp256k1 secp256k1 Soft
yubihsm yubihsm Hard

Ed25519 providers

Provider Crate Backend Crate Type Signing Verification
signatory‑dalek ed25519‑dalek Soft 51 k/s 18 k/s
signatory‑ring ring Soft 47 k/s 16 k/s
signatory‑sodiumoxide sodiumoxide Soft 38 k/s 15 k/s
yubihsm yubihsm Hard ~8/s N/A

Tendermint only providers (amino encoded consensus votes)

Provider Crate Backend Crate Type Signing Verification
signatory‑ledger-tm ledger-tendermint Hard N/A N/A

Above benchmarks performed using cargo bench on an Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 @ 3.30GHz.


Signatory is distributed under the terms of either the MIT license or the Apache License (Version 2.0), at your option.