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Signed-off-by: Marko Baricevic <>

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Co-Authored-By: Anton Kaliaev <>

Co-authored-by: Anton Kaliaev <>
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ABCI is the interface between Tendermint (a state-machine replication engine) and your application (the actual state machine). It consists of a set of methods, where each method has a corresponding Request and Response message type. Tendermint calls the ABCI methods on the ABCI application by sending the Request* messages and receiving the Response* messages in return.

All message types are defined in a protobuf file. This allows Tendermint to run applications written in any programming language.

This specification is split as follows:

  • Methods and Types - complete details on all ABCI methods and message types
  • Applications - how to manage ABCI application state and other details about building ABCI applications
  • Client and Server - for those looking to implement their own ABCI application servers
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