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package core_types
import (
abci ""
cmn ""
// List of blocks
type ResultBlockchainInfo struct {
LastHeight int64 `json:"last_height"`
BlockMetas []*types.BlockMeta `json:"block_metas"`
// Genesis file
type ResultGenesis struct {
Genesis *types.GenesisDoc `json:"genesis"`
// Single block (with meta)
type ResultBlock struct {
BlockMeta *types.BlockMeta `json:"block_meta"`
Block *types.Block `json:"block"`
// Commit and Header
type ResultCommit struct {
types.SignedHeader `json:"signed_header"`
CanonicalCommit bool `json:"canonical"`
// ABCI results from a block
type ResultBlockResults struct {
Height int64 `json:"height"`
Results *state.ABCIResponses `json:"results"`
// NewResultCommit is a helper to initialize the ResultCommit with
// the embedded struct
func NewResultCommit(header *types.Header, commit *types.Commit,
canonical bool) *ResultCommit {
return &ResultCommit{
SignedHeader: types.SignedHeader{
Header: header,
Commit: commit,
CanonicalCommit: canonical,
// Info about the node's syncing state
type SyncInfo struct {
LatestBlockHash cmn.HexBytes `json:"latest_block_hash"`
LatestAppHash cmn.HexBytes `json:"latest_app_hash"`
LatestBlockHeight int64 `json:"latest_block_height"`
LatestBlockTime time.Time `json:"latest_block_time"`
CatchingUp bool `json:"catching_up"`
// Info about the node's validator
type ValidatorInfo struct {
Address cmn.HexBytes `json:"address"`
PubKey crypto.PubKey `json:"pub_key"`
VotingPower int64 `json:"voting_power"`
// Node Status
type ResultStatus struct {
NodeInfo p2p.DefaultNodeInfo `json:"node_info"`
SyncInfo SyncInfo `json:"sync_info"`
ValidatorInfo ValidatorInfo `json:"validator_info"`
// Is TxIndexing enabled
func (s *ResultStatus) TxIndexEnabled() bool {
if s == nil {
return false
return s.NodeInfo.Other.TxIndex == "on"
// Info about peer connections
type ResultNetInfo struct {
Listening bool `json:"listening"`
Listeners []string `json:"listeners"`
NPeers int `json:"n_peers"`
Peers []Peer `json:"peers"`
// Log from dialing seeds
type ResultDialSeeds struct {
Log string `json:"log"`
// Log from dialing peers
type ResultDialPeers struct {
Log string `json:"log"`
// A peer
type Peer struct {
NodeInfo p2p.DefaultNodeInfo `json:"node_info"`
IsOutbound bool `json:"is_outbound"`
ConnectionStatus p2p.ConnectionStatus `json:"connection_status"`
RemoteIP string `json:"remote_ip"`
// Validators for a height
type ResultValidators struct {
BlockHeight int64 `json:"block_height"`
Validators []*types.Validator `json:"validators"`
// ConsensusParams for given height
type ResultConsensusParams struct {
BlockHeight int64 `json:"block_height"`
ConsensusParams types.ConsensusParams `json:"consensus_params"`
// Info about the consensus state.
type ResultDumpConsensusState struct {
RoundState json.RawMessage `json:"round_state"`
Peers []PeerStateInfo `json:"peers"`
type PeerStateInfo struct {
NodeAddress string `json:"node_address"`
PeerState json.RawMessage `json:"peer_state"`
type ResultConsensusState struct {
RoundState json.RawMessage `json:"round_state"`
// CheckTx result
type ResultBroadcastTx struct {
Code uint32 `json:"code"`
Data cmn.HexBytes `json:"data"`
Log string `json:"log"`
Hash cmn.HexBytes `json:"hash"`
// CheckTx and DeliverTx results
type ResultBroadcastTxCommit struct {
CheckTx abci.ResponseCheckTx `json:"check_tx"`
DeliverTx abci.ResponseDeliverTx `json:"deliver_tx"`
Hash cmn.HexBytes `json:"hash"`
Height int64 `json:"height"`
// Result of querying for a tx
type ResultTx struct {
Hash cmn.HexBytes `json:"hash"`
Height int64 `json:"height"`
Index uint32 `json:"index"`
TxResult abci.ResponseDeliverTx `json:"tx_result"`
Tx types.Tx `json:"tx"`
Proof types.TxProof `json:"proof,omitempty"`
// Result of searching for txs
type ResultTxSearch struct {
Txs []*ResultTx `json:"txs"`
TotalCount int `json:"total_count"`
// List of mempool txs
type ResultUnconfirmedTxs struct {
Count int `json:"n_txs"`
Total int `json:"total"`
TotalBytes int64 `json:"total_bytes"`
Txs []types.Tx `json:"txs"`
// Info abci msg
type ResultABCIInfo struct {
Response abci.ResponseInfo `json:"response"`
// Query abci msg
type ResultABCIQuery struct {
Response abci.ResponseQuery `json:"response"`
// Result of broadcasting evidence
type ResultBroadcastEvidence struct {
Hash []byte `json:"hash"`
// empty results
type (
ResultUnsafeFlushMempool struct{}
ResultUnsafeProfile struct{}
ResultSubscribe struct{}
ResultUnsubscribe struct{}
ResultHealth struct{}
// Event data from a subscription
type ResultEvent struct {
Query string `json:"query"`
Data types.TMEventData `json:"data"`
Events map[string][]string `json:"events"`
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