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0.10.6 bubblewrap-cape (2012-01-17)


  • Uses new Angular Modules with Dependency injection subsystem rewrite.
    • is no longer supported; use angular.module() instead
  • Uses new Angular $q promises to support asynch data services
  • Uses class-style coding for Service class as well as Controllers
    • now supports prototype methods and no longer adds behavior to scope instances
  • Revised EmployeeManager to blend RPC and model… now injected into EmployeeController
  • Revised partials to use reference to injected EmployeeManager in databinding

    • {{ employees.list.selected }}
  • Uses cake to consolidate Coffeescript-generated Javascript; now minimizes also.

    • allow builds of CoffeeScript files now stored in js/build/*.js
    • adjust bootstrap to use minified js/build/CafeTownsend.min.js

0.10.5 steel-fist (11-11-08)


  • Uses angular.service() to specify singleton services
  • Uses CoffeeScript to build javascript production files
  • Uses functional constructors to attach Service behaviors to scope instances
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