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Changes for Devel-Declare
0.006000 - 09 Mar 2010
- Make things work on perl 5.11.2 and newer (Zefram).
0.005011 - 14 Aug 2009
- Add tests for not interpreting various things as barewords when they
- Depend on a Test::More with done_testing support.
- Don't invoke the const callback for a keyword followed by a fat comma.
0.005010 - 11 Aug 2009
- Don't invoke the linestr callback if we found a keyword and the bufptr
still contains an arrow at its beginning. This causes the linestr callback
not to be fired on things like "->method" (if method is a declarator).
While this might be useful, it mostly caused problems so far. It might be
added again later as a separate feature.
0.005009 - 10 Aug 2009
- Stop mixing declarations with code. (Closes: RT#48548) (Cosimo Streppone)
- Move strip_attrs, which is a purely parsing method, from
MethodInstaller::Simple to Context::Simple (nperez).
0.005008 - 27 Jul 2009
- Depend on the latest ExtUtils::Depends for win32+gcc support.
- Conditionally expand linestrings under perl debugger.
0.005007 - 13 Jul 2009
- Fix line numbers not being updated from skipspace calls
0.005006 - 16 Jun 2009
- Fix compilation on 5.8 perls.
0.005005 - 05 Jun 2009
- Improve compatibility with MAD-enabled perls
(Reini Urban, Closes RT#45779).
0.005004 - 03 Jun 2009
- Don't redefine MEM_WRAP_CHECK_ if it's already defined, getting rid of
compilation errors on some perls (Maik Fischer).
0.005003 - 24 May 2009
- Failing tests for line number issues (Ash Berlin).
- Add strip_names_and_args (Cory Watson).
- Various pod fixes (Yanick Champoux, Florian Ragwitz).
- Add copyright statements.
- Don't invoke the linestr callback if the parser was expecting an operator.
This makes calling a method with the name of a declarator work.
- Implement skip_declarator in terms of scan_word in Context::Simple.
This avoids relying on PL_tokenbuf to skip past the declarator, as
PL_tokenbuf might be overwritten by compiling other code between calling
the linestr callback and skip_declarator.
- Port the documentation from %^H and Scope::Guard to B::Hooks::EndOfScope.
- Fix extracting multi-line strings using scan_str.
- Remove the nasty workaround for the above from Context::Simple.
- Much improved documentation (osfameron).
- Make sure the linestr callback isn't invoked when a declarator is used as
part of some quoting construct like qq//, m//, s///, qr//, tr///, qx//, ``,
etc (Florian Ragwitz).
- Tests for this (osfameron, Florian Ragwitz).
- Depend on a recent B::Hooks::EndOfScope to make semicolon injection more
robust (Florian Ragwitz).
- Add a couple of TODO tests for better error reporting (Marcus Ramberg).
- Context::Simple::inject_if_block now returns true if start of block was
found (Ash Berlin).
- Make magic work within string evals on 5.10 if the hints hash is used.
- Bind S_scan_ident to perl. It allows scanning for simple identifiers.
- Add strip_ident to Context::Simple.
- Devel::Declare::MethodInstaller::Simple now has code_for() which the
subclass can override to monkey with the magic shadowed subroutine.
This is handy if you want to employ Devel::BeginLift.
- Depend on Sub::Name and B::Hooks::EndOfScope. MethodInstaller::Simple and
Context::Simple use them.
- Don't use :lvalue in Context::Simple and MethodInstaller::Simple to keep
the debugger happy.
- Add Devel::Declare::Context::Simple and
Devel::Declare::MethodInstaller::Simple as an experimental way to make
creating block- and sub-like keywords easier (Rhesa Rozendaal).
- Use B::Hooks::OP::Check to register PL_check callbacks.
- Use B::Hooks::EndOfScope instead of %^H and Scope::Guard.
- Don't segfault if HvNAME(PL_curstash) == NULL.
- Don't segfault on 5.9.5+, where PL_parser is a symbol, not a define.
- Don't delete the previous symbol table entry when shadowing subs. This
makes us work within the debugger.
- Don't mix declarations and code.
- switch done_declare call from call_argv to call_pv.
- Make get_linestr{,_offset} return sensible values when called while the
parser isn't running.
- Remove several compile time warnings.
- Allow enabling of debug mode using $ENV{DD_DEBUG}.
- clean up checks for whether we're lexing and whether lex_stuff exists
to handle the PL_parser factor-out in 5.10
- check if reallocation of PL_linestr is necessary before doing it. this way
we can bail out properly instead of corrupting memory in some cases
- don't call strlen twice on the same sting
- try to be more portable
- stop using Nullsv
- don't use Perl_* functions directly.
- don't define PERL_CORE
- use NEWSV from handy.h instead of defining our own
- don't define PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT
- don't support preprocessors (perl -P)
- rewrite guts into perl, add tests for new declaration style
- add support for 'method main' and other package names
- fix traits code, again, so it compiles on 5.10.
- only mangle evals if o->op_ppaddr is actually PL_ppaddr[OP_ENTERVAL]
- don't set OPf_SPECIAL on entereval ops, mistaken cargo cult from autobox
- fix traits code to work on older 5.8.x perls
- turns out 0.1.7 in Makefile.PL results in that version going into
the .xs file as well as the dist name. Then everything breaks.
- bail on SvGROW during declare process since that can't work
- use a source filter on files and an op wrap on evals to pre-grow
PL_linestr so we don't get to the point of needing to bail
- nasty goto &$func hack to avoid :lvalue+list context weirdness
- correct SvGROW invocation
- stop using & prototypes at all
- correct idiotic typo if ifndef
- internalise definitions for toke.c chunks to save hassle
- make NEWSV macro defined via ifndef rather than version check in case
of 5.8.8-maint (and 5.8.9)
- compilation fixes for 5.9.5 and -DDEBUGGING
- compilation fixes for 5.8.1+
- set Makefile.PL to bomb out for <5.8.1
- Initial release to CPAN
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