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A simple, minimal and dynamic C unit testing framework

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Units is simple / dynamic unit testing framework for C (and C++, I suppose).

Main features:

  • Lightweight
  • Tests are sandboxed, but can share functions in their own files
  • There is no global configuration. All tests are completely contained within their own file, no registration needed.
  • It should run on any unix system with a somewhat recent version of GCC (tested on 4.2 and 4.6)
  • Output is TAP compliant

Writing tests

See example.c. Each function is called individually as its own test if included with add_test. Tests are sandboxed in child processes so there is no memory sharing between them.

Running tests

Running tests is easy. For most projects you can simply drop a .c in the tests directory, build and run:

user@host:~/code/units$ make
compiling main.c
compiling tests/example.c
linking runtests
user@host:~/code/units$ ./runtests 
ok 1 - always_passing
not ok 2 - always_failing
not ok 3 - fail_with_output
this is a string with
in the failure output
ok 4 - pass_with_output
everything went better than expected
# 4 tests run, 2/4 passed 
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