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This SimpleSAMLphp auth proc filter allows you to provides additional attributes from based on entity attributes in metadata. It is useful when entity metadata contains definitive information that you wish to convert into a SAML attribute (e.g. an entity attribute containing the value that should be used for schacHomeOrganization in remote IdP metadata).


Once you have installed SimpleSAMLphp, installing this module is very simple. Just execute the following command in the root of your SimpleSAMLphp installation:

composer.phar require safire-ac-za/simplesamlphp-module-entattribs:dev-master

where dev-master instructs Composer to install the master (development) branch from the Git repository. See the releases available if you want to use a stable version of the module


This module provides the entattribs:AttributeFromEntity auth proc filter, which can be used as follows:

50 => [
    'class'     => 'entattribs:AttributeFromEntity',
    'urn:x-example:schacHomeOrganization' => 'schacHomeOrganization',
    'urn:x-example:schacHomeOrganizationType' => 'schacHomeOrganizationType',

Where the parameters are as follows:

  • class - the name of the class, must be entattribs:AttributeFromEntity

  • %replace - replace the values of any existing SAML attributes with those from the entity attributes. (Default is to create a multi-valued attribute unless %ignore is set.)

  • %ignore - ignore any SAML attributes that already exist. (Default is to create a multi-valued attribute unless %replace is set.)

  • %skipsource - do not look in the source metadata for entity attributes. (default is to check source metadata.)

  • %skipdest - do not look in the destination metadata for entity attributes. (default is to check destination metadata.)

Any remaining key/value pairs are used to form a map between the entity attribute name (key) and the corresponding SAML attribute name to use (value).

The parameters %replace and %ignore are intended to be mutually exclusive and using them together will generate a warning.


If the above filter were applied following remote IdP metadata:

$metadata[''] = [
    /* ... */
    'EntityAttributes' => [
        'urn:x-example:schacHomeOrganization' => '',
        'urn:x-example:schacHomeOrganizationType' => 'urn:schac:homeOrganizationType:int:other',
    /* ... */

it would result in the following attributes:

$attributes = [
    'schacHomeOrganization' => '',
    'schacHomeOrganizationType' => 'urn:schac:homeOrganizationType:int:other',

and any existing values of those two attributes would have been lost/replaced.