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This README concerns the development aspect of the project. Visit the site to learn how to use Rails Assets in your application.



git clone && cd rails-assets
bundle install && npm install
cp config/database{.sample,}.yml
cp config/application{.sample,}.yml
# edit config/database.yml and config/application.yml if necessary.
bin/rake db:setup
foreman start

Convert Bower package into Ruby gem using CLI

bin/rake 'component:convert[jquery,2.0.3]'

This will create rails-assets-NAME-VERSION.gem file.

You can remove this component by:

bin/rake 'component:destroy[jquery,2.0.3]'

Gems with a .js in their name

For packages from bower that have a .js in their name like typeahead.js which can generate a gem with the name rails-assets-typehead.js if You want to use this gem with Rails 4.2 or higher in order for your gem to work in your application.js you have to require it as follow

//= require typeahead.js.js

instead of

//= require typeahead.js


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Originally created by @teamon, @porada and @sheerun, with the help of contributors. ❤️

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