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A Dogecoin tipping bot for Slack


  1. Install dogecoind on your server

  2. Usually this is done on linux by building from source

  3. Be sure to edit dogecoin.conf to set your rpcuser and rpcpassword

  4. Launch dogecoind -daemon and wait for the blockchain to sync

  5. Clone this repo on your server

  6. run bundle install

  7. Set up the Slack integration: as an "outgoing webhook" (

  8. Write down the api token they show you in this page

  9. Set the trigger word: we use "dogetipper" but doesn't matter what you pick

  10. Set the Url to the server you'll be deploying on

  11. Launch the server!

DOGECOIN_USER=rpcuser DOGECOIN_PASSWORD=rpcpassword SLACK_API_TOKEN=YOURSLACKTOKENHERE bundle exec ruby tipper.rb -p 4567


  • Tip - send dogecoin!

    dogetipper tip @somebody 100 dogetipper tip @somebody random

  • Deposit - put dogecoin in

    dogetipper deposit

  • Withdraw - take dogecoin out

    dogetipper withdraw DKzHM7rUB2sP1dgVskVFfdSoysnojuw2pX 100

  • Balance - find out how much is in your wallet

    dogetipper balance

  • Networkinfo - Get the output of getinfo. Note: this will disclose the entire aggregate balance of the hot wallet to everyone in the chat

    dogetipper networkinfo


This runs an unencrypted hot wallet on your server. This is not even close to secure. You should not store significant amounts of dogecoin in this wallet. Withdraw your tips to an offline wallet often.