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Kmer Diagnostics of De Novo Genome Assembly

The script visualizes the kmer spectrum of the raw sequencing data to reveal potential QC problems such as sequencing bias, sequencing error rate, and contamination. It produces two interactive plots in a HTML file that can be opened by a browser such as Chrome.

Dependencies: included in bbmap by JGI

Usage: Rscript kmer_plot.r <path to bbmap> <path to fastq> <output file>



Gene to ID given a column of gene names, fills in a column of corresponding ensembl IDs.

Usage: python <File name> <Column name of gene names> <Column name of gene IDs>

Dependencies: biomart, pandas, argparse

Example: geneTable.csv

Gene_Name Gene_ID
python geneTable.tsv Gene_Name Gene_ID
Gene_Name Gene_ID
CDC42 ENSG00000070831
HULC ENSG00000251164
HOTAIR ENSG00000228630

ID to Transcript

Convert ID to Transcript ID given a column of ensemble gene IDs, fills in a column of corresponding cononical transcript IDs.

Usage: python <File name> <Column name of gene IDs> <Column name of transcript IDs>

Dependencies: biomart, pandas, argparse, multiprocessing, collections, re

Example: geneTable.csv

Gene_ID Transcript_ID
python geneTable.tsv Gene_ID Transcript_ID
Gene_ID Transcript_ID
ENSG00000070831 ENST00000344548
ENSG00000251164 ENST00000503668
ENSG00000228630 ENST00000414790

Process TCGA miRNASeq isoform quantifications get mature miRNA sequence expression from a folder of TCGA miRNASeq isoform quantification files (*mirbase21.isoforms.quantification.txt). Place and run this script in folder containing the TCGA miRNASeq isoform quantification files.

Usage: python

Dependencies: glob, pandas, argparse, multiprocessing


miRNA_ID isoform_coords read_count RPM cross-mapped miRNA_region
hsa-let-7a-1 hg38:chr9:94175961-94175982:+ 1 0.259630 N mature,MIMAT0000062
hsa-let-7a-1 hg38:chr9:94175961-94175983:+ 8 2.077043 N mature,MIMAT0000062
hsa-let-7a-1 hg38:chr9:94175961-94175984:+ 8 2.077043 N mature,MIMAT0000062
hsa-let-7a-1 hg38:chr9:94175962-94175981:+ 182 47.252722 N mature,MIMAT0000062
hsa-let-7a-1 hg38:chr9:94175962-94175982:+ 4753 1234.022998 N mature,MIMAT0000062
hsa-let-7a-1 hg38:chr9:94175962-94175983:+ 12037 3125.170382 N mature,MIMAT0000062
hsa-let-7a-1 hg38:chr9:94175962-94175984:+ 28516 7403.618728 N mature,MIMAT0000062
hsa-let-7a-1 hg38:chr9:94175962-94175985:+ 1728 448.641225 N mature,MIMAT0000062
hsa-let-7a-1 hg38:chr9:94175962-94175986:+ 147 38.165660 N mature,MIMAT0000062
file 2 file 3
MIMAT0000062 26367 18700
MIMAT0000063 14256 20311
MIMAT0000064 20115 12265
MIMAT0000065 472 563
MIMAT0000066 2402 1798
MIMAT0000067 14404 7863
MIMAT0000068 347 193
MIMAT0000069 625 543
MIMAT0000070 870 839
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